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Welcome to the Stardust Fandom Wiki! This is a free to edit online encyclopedia for Stardust, an online fantasy/drama webcomic series created by Holly Sarah France. A group of dysfunctional demi-gods come to terms with their past lives, and learn from each other while trying to protect the world from the god of destruction. Stardust is currently ongoing. A new chapter releases every Sunday at 3PM EST!

Stardust contains strong mature themes that may not be suitable for all or younger audiences. These include (but are not limited to,) graphic violence, physical and emotional abuse/manipulation, on-screen death, PTSD, loss of loved ones and suicide. If you are unsure if Stardust is okay for you, feel free to contact an admin!

Be warned, spoilers will be present!

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New Chapter Release!
New Merch!
Stardust Ko-Fi Launch

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Kariarni is a travelling sage, known for being a survivor of the infamous condition known as Clairvoyancy. She gives insight to tribes across the desert in exchange for food, because violence in catching prey would stir the highly dangerous condition.

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